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Carries Ramdon Ramblings

happy 2nd BTTI anniversary to Tay and the Guys
19 hrs ·
Happy anniversary to this my first Taylor solo day in Jamaica! Still reigning as the best tonight ever ! 😀💕

Such great memories I get to add to in 3 Weeks Til BTTI 19 ! Cant wait

Turning a new corner next year
Carrie Nairn
Carrie Nairn TTA (this time around ) My hanson anthem! today once again it has been confirmed because i am finally furthering my education and career . i refuse to go down or let my past failures define my future . just like in the song .im starting the 2 Classes I need to work in Human services . Finally . again Mark would love this , as with everything this year , he's the angel .

Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey Concert Review
Hanson btti 17
High lights of 2018 #5
Christmas Concert week had a fantastic middle - Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey were fabulous together
First Set List
Natalie G and Danny Gokey Christmas Set list December 6 18
O Come all ye faithful
Natalie Let it snow
Danny its the most wonder fun time of the year
Natalie O holy Night / A Savior came for me
( talking shoe joke }
Danny Tell your heart to beat again
Natalie I believe
King of the world acoustic piano
Havent seen it yet Danny new
Danny This Christmas
Finale Natalie Your great Name
Encore together The Prayer Celine Dion Cover
I had fun because I was 3 rd row . :) check out these pics so passionate .

high lights of 2018
As with last year and the beautifulness of BTTI 2017 , its Mr Taylor Hanson again . but this time he's number 1 for more personal and non musical reasons .
1a : Firkin Feast at Hanson day 2018 : Im not going to recount every detail , but Taylor was so giving in this moment even if it wasn't about getting selfies . He seemed appreciate everyone s support and still smile in every fan picture I saw . I almost waited in line at BTTI, but chickened out to save my energy . . and Him meeting my parents was something I dreamed of for so long because Dr Mark patton was never able to .
1B Taylor asking me to be in front of him for the Hanson daY Photos that were ultimately lost . still so sweet and again I felt like a princess in both of these moments .
Speaking of Mark . This whole year the gospel for the catholic church was 4 the discipline Mark and like Pattons teaching style , he was very visual in telling Jesus' teachings and stories . Patton was into circle graphs and brain storm clusters . I know he was determined to bring Taylor around for a pic . as I was :)

2 My Good Will E-Commerce training _ I know Mark has been the angel this year guiding my every step because for the first time I was able to sell for the very reason he wanted me to and it breaks my heart he will never know . Now Im finally looking into getting my social work certificate as he wished too . Im determined .
3 taking Liz to see her band For King and Country . it was a fabulous concert .
4 Hearing Break Town and This time around at Hanson string theory . so much inspiration and impact with an orchestra accompaniment .
looking forward to BTTI 19 and Mariah Carey next year only 49 days til BTTI

my first so called Christmas hanson concert turned out nothing like I expected .
Carrie Nairn
Yesterday at 4:08 PM ·
At least I have two songs from snowed in off the bucket list merry Christmas Baby 2010 and white Christmas 2018
Officially got snowed in with Hanson at a UN official holiday concert w 1 holiday theme song with an almost tent collapse show #47 was memorable for good and bad reasons.
heres the unchristmas set list
Hanson uncorked n unplugged
Set list
Waiting for this
Where’s the love
Been there before
This time around
I will come to you
Penny n me
If only
I was born
A minutes without you
White Christmas
back in the 1970s , Some fans dying wish was to see David Cassidy in concert , and in the crowd , she actually died . This show in particular makes me reevaluate why I'm s hanson fan the first place . Hanson seemingly have the problem trying to find the happy medium between small club and radio sponsored shows and their huge stadium arena tours Like Live From Albertane back in 1998 . I love the guys, and the music but its not worth risking my life for . definitely going to write on Hanson . net about this . hopefully it helps them in the future .
moving on ward only 50 days til Btti 19

trying to follow my own path .
I was recently let go from my E Comm training position . now Im finally looking into External social work training . I'm going to fight harder than I did For E comm . Its something Patton has always wanted me to do and I refuse to give up . I understand my parents point of why more education ? I say why not ? I want to break out of the secretary only cycle . This year has taught me I have the skills and training to take it to the place I've always wanted into sales for non profits and the less Fortunate and I refuse to let others take that away from me with in reason . to turn things around to a completely positive . Liz and I have had an beginning to a fantastic christmas Season with our band guys . Last nights For king and country concert was incredible ! Luke shook our hands and was so kind and inspiring . Im soo happy for her !

Plus Only 6 days to my christmas Hanson show as well . can't wait
For King set list :
Little Drummer Boy
O Come Emmanuel
God only knows
Proof of your Love
Angels we have heard on high
Christmas Carols acoustic - Hark the herald Angels sing
Part 2
Burn the Ships
Fix my Eyes
Christmas Carols acoustic Silent night; Joy to the world
Encore Joy

trying to find my fight and inner strength
Carrie Nairn
Carrie Nairn Holly for me it inspires me to be more independent . I was front row in Tulsa bawling my eyes out in the preview . It was so pretty , and it made me realize that when my parents are gone , I will have me . I’m trying to work hard now practicing how to take care of me as much as I can.
I got a notice about the in jeopardy my job has been for the past few months Funny Hanson s playing "siren Call " right now . this is my mine I either want to do this or not because I can't be in training indefinitely .
we shall see .

Dr Angel Patton why on earth do u keep wanting to check things off my bucket list ?
I don't deserve in any way what Im about to spill after last year and missing both Christmas tours I wanted so bad ... But alas it is happening . in exactly 3 weeks i'll be at the Williamsburg Winery enjoying a Hanson headlined holiday themed wine tasting and concert !! Estatic . can't wait .
s . I finally got my first self pic w Taylor this year my first marketing job ,n my first hanson Christmas concer t in 4 weeks ; so many moments I’ve been working for n yet after 22 yrs almost Taylor doesn’t know he inspired me to never give up . He person ally may feel compassionate due to my disability , but in fact the opposite. Is true he inspired me to fight past my disability
Love all your pics w him srsly ❤️💕
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Julie Krylova
Julie Krylova Thank you very much! 🤗
I think Taylor is one of the kindest persons in the world, he has such a big heart... And of course, he can inspire us to struggle our life battles. He saved my life, I was close to suicide...
I'm really really happy for you. Keep going and never surrender!!

Struggling professionally still
for the past 6 months Im finally doing Dr Pattons dream - selling things for a disabled and advocate organization . Problem is I cant keep up with the others . but im determined not to give up . Ive worked too hard for this the past 19 years and be an advocate and example of doing things different to just quit .
these guys never stop inspiring me . I just listened to a n interview id never heard . Taylor ever the old soul and optimist said that above all else to be the real you , no matter what you are doing . awesome . he never fails keep going . again how long til Btti 19 ? been waiting to tell him this for 22 yrs .. hopefully ill be able to :)

Few Taylor Updates Since I haven't been on for 2 months
t 2:44 PM ·
Just watch forget everything you thought u knew about Taylor . Where’s the diva in the dude ? lol I’m kidding so proud . I’ve been working for non profits and services most of my career and #foodonthemove is the one I’m so inspired by . It’s an extension of Taylor’s already successful and humble driven entrepreneuriAlship .Also edu Rec Awarded the dude diva with their community changer award soo proud of him So it turns out the reason we've never seen a actual Hanson day 18 photo is because the photo grapher lost them . But Taylor and I have this huge awkward ness to try to forget it by
Im in awe however how sweet he was asking me to be there with him . its quite frankly the most personal / intimate he's ever been with me . I feel so honored he's finally not afraid :)https://www.facebook.com/edurecnorthtulsa/photos/pcb.1844557692331819/1844553462332242/?type=3&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARBk0CEkdBICLHUvWgU4qWfv4R4-9NoDCwHDWua2GCZJky13U94Rr3aNoCF7JiRrITYKvks8_KGgv4AE&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAvBeVN09Nlh3lzcEUhtZcDMDBt8jpsWFLtvmYBnXuiJrAO0o1Z4GM6BJOTi1dg3i6XafF53bP0e2RKT3ARVLUOTx_5370eZz9qrQFAEME94kXNB9iqr_Z6-YqBwmeV6TWipeB8aRPcR8S4wi9jvHNTxRX1sP-hCo2dBc96Pu2UwvQtMpCLncg