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Constantly inspired by Mr Taylor Hanson
Hanson btti 17
Taylor is spending this week promoting Food on the Move . Last night they were at the EDU Rec Center Handing out food and community resources ; Today was a pitch presentation to Tulsa Community College North West campus and tomorrow FOTM will have a Food Drop again at TCC . in every Food on the move promo picture I see him smiling . Today was the officIAL launch , but he has building up to this since 2014 . starting small in Areas without a proper grocery store . I watched the Facebook Live of Taylors presentation , and it brought me to tears - because -Totally makes my day ! for a brief moment he brought dr Patton back to the life for me #inspiration #legs 🤓💕❤so proud of what Taylor is doing and wish them all the best .zero question I'm so grateful . If Mark was still around he'd be cheering him on and still making my cry . my nickname for them was always legs because they have them as tall as me - their girl :) . this makes want to perfect my own ideas and pitch even more . not giving up quite yet :)

Credit to Edu Rec 2/21 /17 .

determined to never give up .
Hanson btti 17
I finally got word today that my DOrs re application is coming along . now comes the fun part of finding the funds ( kinda pun intended ) for benefit counseling and job coaching . I just hope it isn't two years - in that time I could do it for my self . in a way , i hope so I can fit in vacation . mom and I have a cruise with the Taylor Ladies ( Aunt Kathie and cousin Al ) in April and then our 3 weeks in May - Golf ; scott's ordination and Joey Raines and Laurens Wedding . - where Im hoping against hope to see Cousin Bren again for the first time in 2 years at his only Les Miz in MD performance . Seriously , During Taylor's solo I was literally thinking of the care and musical expertise they both used to be nothing but perfect . it was 2 performances that are my two top performances ever . they were both so sentimentally heart - felt and musically sound that they will be comparison for every concert after . earlier I was trying to donate to Taylor's food on the Move to no avail . I submitted a question . hopefully they answer . Im so inspired by him ; i love he is using his celebrity the way it should - to lift up others . I want to be able to that for myself . Im reopened to the idea to pitch The Business Plan and Marketing Idea I wrote for Dr Patton again . I tried to pitch it to the ARC 6 years ago and they were uninterested . Now Im complying all my drafts into one that hopefully will describe the scope of the need that is still lacking in all areas .

Valentines tribute to Mr Taylor Hanson .
Hanson Disney
nearly 20 years ago ( 19 years and 9 months ) , I didnt have a direction in my life . I was just finished studying general studies in high school and trying to decide which direction to take this . I choose business because I thought if I couldn't be a professional singer , I could be part of music on the business end of it . in 1997 when Hanson on to the scene from the " middle of Nowhere " , i'd planned to take typing 101 that fall . ( yes kids of now there was such a thing ) . it wasn't until I saw Isaac , Taylor and Zac of Hanson that I knew I wanted to be in business for the rest of my life . because they were doing what they loved to do contrary to their young ages . Despite the challenges of having their parents as mentors and managers , they forged a career that was their own - writing , playing , and self - producing all their songs . Taylor in particular caught my eye and I haven't left . he has been my inspiration in times when I didn't know if I could get my self out of trouble . Ive made a few mistakes that I thought were the end of my career . but he has inspired me to keep going . his optimistic out look is the one thing I think that glues Hanson as a band together when Ike's worries and Zacs realist attitude think other wise .

Over the years, he has spread his celebrity and resources to to support many charities . I too the see need of the disabled grow bigger every day , especially the need of rehabilitation and vocational support . with the new OklA music MUSEum, Hanson brewery and main Street expansion in Tulsa , it hope he continues to reach out .
as a teenager , I wanted to marry him , but the odd thing is I feel more in connection with as his fan. there is a mutual sense of gratitude that I hope is always present .
for the High Def BTTI 17 photo dreams come true kids I swear :)

Top 25 Live Hanson performances Revision 3
Hanson Disney
if I could have a Number 26 : I forgot about LOve Me ( Elvis Cover ) from Cleveland 2015 ( my 25th Hanson show . ) Taylor was flawless .
Break TOwn Swoopped away the Number 1 spot at Back to the Island this year . finally moving all 4 Never let gos to number 2 !
And I will come to you Albertane tour , musical ride tour and Back to the Island 2017 could be number 27 . Love this song .

tay and I wish every one a happy valentines day .

boring weekend .
Taylor and me
After 20 years l think I'm finally going to give this dude a valentines tribute Tues . After btti 17 he deserves it , but also I'm so lucky he has unmellowed and realizes it's ok to express your self personally and talk to your fans away from the stage .
we'll see dont have much really romantic to say but I have yet to acknowledge to him in person what an inspiration he is to me and I wanna milk the hug where I can . its too awesome not to .

Celebrating 20 years of Hanson Blog 2 Personal Decoding of The This Time Around Cd / album
Hanson Moe 2016

When Carrie N Found Hanson Part 2 - 2000
February 2000 ? I had found in a Entertainment weekly Magazine that Hanson were all grown up and making new music . They had promised a more rock album with an harder edge . I wasn't sure if I would like this .
April 17 2000 MTV aired the making of this time Around Video on making the video . I had to record it because I wasn't allowed to stay up til 11 pm on school night . First , From the moment I saw that Video , the song this time around became my hanson anthem . I loved That Taylor was back in the forefront and for the first time he was playing basically grand piano on a single . it was so inspiring .
May 9 2000 I bought the album . at first listen it was too contrasting from Middle of Nowhere for me . I'd only liked The song this time around and the ballads "Save Me " ( that Tay actually finale'd my BTTI 17 solo with ) and IKes "Love Song " .
Until June 2000 When the Video for "IF Only " single 2 topped the Total Request Live Chart . I Was soo happy / excited my band finally topped all the boy bands that didn't even play instruments . Then I really began to like it .
Other Fave songs are Hand In Hand and Run away Run .
But then College came in 2005 . I had Struggled with Accounting for so long the in the spring of 2006 ,Prof Williams basically told me to not major in business . I cried ; it truly hurt me to the core . IF Dr Patton had known that , honestly I think he would have threaten him in some way . from Then on I would listen to this time around to inspire me every Friday morning before accounting , sometimes 7 , 6 or 4 in the morning . it began my goal to prove him wrong . Taylor's voice was basically my kiss off saying " nothing is going to stop me from doing what I love " and still nothing is . no matter what It takes .
Over the years as well songs from this time around have become some of my fave favorite live performances : Esp Hand in Hand and Save Me . bonkers love all the passion that Ike and Taylor put into what they wrote .

happy 16th birthday to Abbie .
Hanson Disney
had a fantastic time yesterday at Abbies celebration . cant believe I'm this mature that they young lady is near driving . I love her .
happy 1 month anniversary to Tays solo show it was a dream come true .

Part 3 Back to the Island Review
Hanson Disney
Hanson 40 th Jamaica set list members EP theme
The best of times
Coming back for more
Leave the light on
Get out of my heart
On and on
On the road
Sunny Day acoustic
Call out my name acoustic
Time baby take it
The sound of light
Freak out
DaNCE like u don't care
White collar crimes
No rest for the weary
Rollercoaster love
Part 2
I've got soul
Where's the love ?
Tour dialogue
Give a little
If only
Back to the island boomerang
W Andrew Ripp b John fullbright
thats as correct as I have .
Also Love this pic

Part two of my back to the Island Review
Hanson Disney
First here are the group Hanson Concert setlists my 38 to 40
8pm Thursday
Acoustic 37 jan 5
Stories 3cg
Strong enough to break
Been there before
Sure about it
Broken angel
Penny n me
This time around
For your love
Kiss me when you home
Musical ride
Crazy beautiful
Within in your dreams
The Rock Show January 4th Wednesday Btti night 1 concert 35 January 4 fan voted rock out show
1 Fired up back to the island 1993
2 In the city
3.Tearing it down
4 Great divide
4 Hand in hand
5 A minute with out you
6 Gotta hold on me
7 Can't stop
8Ever lonely live from Albertane
9 Already home
10 Man from milawaukee
11 Desire u2 cover
12 It's a long way to the top ( if you wanna rock and roll. AC/DC Cover
13 Hey
14 Lost with out each other
Saturday January 7th
Members EP Show
The Best of times
Time baby take it
Leave the Light on
Coming back for more
Get out of my heart
Acoustic Call out my Name
Sunny Day
Freak out
Man on top
Feeling Alive
The Sound of Light
Part 2
Wheres the Love
If only
Back to the Island w Andrew Ripp and John Fulbright

and Meet and Greet was bomb awesome I had 3 things in my mind to Tell Taylor and the Guys and one of my most important managed to come out . l : I was telling Taylor about how I had to persevere for 39 shows to see him solo , and somehow I deserved the biggest bear hug ever ! ❤❤️😀

So my DreaM has come true in a way I never expected my Obsessed moment concerning Hanson wasas a little girl was I wanted marry Taylor so much I was plotting dreaming what I was going to stand on to make myself tall enough to kiss him . So the hug at btti was a huge surprise . It kind of happened and I barelly remember hugging him . 💕❤but still means The world 😄
Dumbfounded . Flabbergasted . Thank you Tay .

Celebrating 20 years of Hanson Blog 1
Hanson Disney
When Carrie Anne N found Hanson part one .

May 10 1997
I found Hanson in very questionable place . My uncle had died less than 9 months earlier and he was just beginning to support my dream of singing . In fact our Final conversation w him was making Mariah Carey Jokes and the expensive coffee when he worked in computers in New York City . My Uncle Richard was like Vintage Isaac Hanson . he was Into music , Electric Guitars , computers and virtually any thing that communicated or made noise . In fact the first I heard Middle of Nowhere I was riding in a car visiting his kids for the first time after his death . I had nothing to say to the then 2 , 8 and 11 year old that would eventually sit before me . I didn't know what kind of Pain he was in because he never told us in the family .
Enter Hanson
Of course I had heard Mmmbop on the Radio by now . it was a fun catchy song .but it wasn't until my Ben introduced me to Hanson's other music that I realized Ike, Taylor ( always be my favorite ) , and Zac had something more to say that just a couple of Mmms and a Bop . This song was about the passage of minutes and time . to be precise Millimeters of time . The fast uptempo pace of the song clearly communicates that time is precious and time goes by way to fast .
Where's the Love ? the Second single from Middle of Nowhere reminds me of my me and mother . Taylor always reminds me that love is more than arguing . always .
Weird is very Close to my heart . .

"Weird" is also a turning point for me for the same reason .i never fit in at school because of said disability and now I never stand out as an adult who's qualified to do the job that some one with the same mental abilities can do just without the physical disabilities . I struggle with this but I'm getting a lot better . I actually talked to Taylor and managed to barely stutter this past time ! :)
Yearbook is my 2nd Favorite Taylor vocal performance ever . thats only because Never Let go and Never Love again finally blow it out of the water .
I could write a whole book about " I will Come to you " this song has comforted me more times that I can count . which is why singing it Taylor means the universe to me . Taylor;s voice has always been my happy place , my place of truth , release of emotion for sure ( I'm surprise d I didn't cry 1 iota during his solo show at BTTI . ) ; my place to be inspired by the fact that Hanson never gave up on their passion of music . he's kinda like the voice that has always been there for me no matter what . Ive never told him that in person , but maybe someday i'll get to .
With you in your dreams- I Couldn't help but think of Dr Patton this past acoustic performance at BTTI . he would be so proud of all I'm doing because he called it first . he would want me to keep fighting for my potential to be as normal as possible .
until Later Days . part two will be about this time around .


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